Bear All Dog Rescue of Florida
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Meet Coda!

This very sweet, endearing, male hound is the PERFECT companion for a family who leads a quiet lifestyle and wants a dog for constant companionship and company.  He is about 8 years old, housebroken, crate-trained, walks good on a leash and loves to just be with his people.  He is in a foster home with a cat and has been fine.  He loves to snuggle near you and lay on puffy dog beds.  He will follow you from room to room to lay at your feet just to be near you.  He is a LOVE and we are looking for the perfect family who will appreciate this very loving, sweet, beautiful mature hound.  We have a DNA test on him and he is purebred Redbone Coonhound (not that it really matters) but just in case you are a Redbone hound lover, he is true to his image.  No other dogs or children please.  Coda is not a dog to take to the dog park or dog beach. 

Contact us today to meet our precious Coda.

Meet Duke!

 Mixed with a little of this and a little of that, this 45lb boy is the most handsome, whisker- filled, froggy-leg laying, charming boy.  His human-like eyes will watch you as you sing in the car or talk on the phone. He is a little shy but he comes around quickly. His tail rarely stops wagging, even during bath time!  Duke is shy when first meeting people and his new family will need to go slow with him - especially men.  He is very energetic.

Duke needs a home with no other animals or children.  If you lead a quiet lifestyle and just want a dog to stay home with you, snuggle with and be your best friend - Duke is for you!  He is not a dog to take to the dog park to out in social settings.  He is happiest in his own space.  Dukes forever family needs to have a privacy fenced back yard where Duke can run and play with his family in a secure environment.

Contact us to meet sweet Duke today!!